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Author Barbara Korsness
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Favorite links

You are welcome to visit some of my favorite sites.

Authors and Books

Author Wayne Gales

Millie's Literary corner

Fantasy Author Jennifer Miller

Author David G. Boggs

Author Kristina O'Donnely

Author Dick Stodghill



Vern Albright is an old friend who wrote The Long Way to Los Gatos, a true adventure of his ride on a Peruvian Paso horse from Peru to California.

Author Vern Albright

Author Roma Desai

Author Barry Lee Davies

Author Linda Alexander

Author Robert Amoroso

Author Debra Turner

Defend America is a site where you can learn the latest about the War and send thanks to out troops for what they are doing.

Defend America

Here is a site where you can get addresses of our men and women in uniform to send them books or 'care packages.

Books for soldiers

Children who need support for a good edcuation.

Saint Labre Indian School

Saint Joseph's Indian School

Mercy Home for boys and girls

Legend and Fantasy Sites


Lord of the Rings

Fantasy Art

Fantasy and Scifi author Christie Golden

Fantansy and SciFi Books

Links To History

Egyptian Temple


Viking Ship

Viking history

Icelandic Sagas

Maya Indians

Medieval Links

Of interest to writers

Authors Den

Catholic Writers Association

Florida Writers Association


Writers Digest

Writers Digest is a wonderful scource of information for writers.

Writing .com is a site where writes can display their work and readers can make comments.