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Author Barbara Korsness
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Future Novels

On this page I'll tell you a little about my future novels.

Queen Boudicca

Crimson Dawn

This book is now available. 
There is a statue of Queen Boudicca in London.  It commerates the woman who led her people in battle to free her country of the Romans in 61 A.D.
Durning the time of Nero, and the following two-hundred years, a few women entered the arena to fight as gladiators.

Woman Gladiator

Ballad of the Warrior Maiden


Ballad of the Warrior Maiden is available at online bookstores.

Rianna lives in Celtic Ireland at the turn of the first millennium.  When her mother dies she runs away to avoid an arranged marriage.  Teaming up with Ivar, a Nordic skald, she travels across Ireland as a singer.  They continue their adventures by sailing to Norway where Rianna saves the village women and children while the men are away. 
When Erik is falsely accused of mureder he is banished from  Norway for three years.   Rianna and Ivar join him with a Viking crew and they sail to Iceland.  While there, she learns that years ago  her missing uncle sailed to a land far to the south.   There is one survivor from that voyage that remains alive in Iceland.
Rianna pays him a visit and is able to acquire a map along with a sunstone for navigation.  She tells the crew about  a treasure that will bring them great wealth and convinces them to sail to this distant land where her uncle could still be alive.  When they arrive in the strange country, they are captured by natives who sacrifice humans to their gods atop high pyramids.

The Onyx Owl
Teresa uses her wits more then weapons to battle her enemies.  Caught in the act of stealing, she agrees to join an old retired Spanish soldier, the Onyx Owl, to rescue victims sentenced by the inquisition to die.  Using a web of deceit, she incorperates herself into the Spanish court and befriends the foe.  She and the Onyx Owl are able to save many unfortunate prisoners from death by fire until Estaban learns their secret.  
 Teresa and the Onyx Owl join Captain Menendez and flee to the New World, but Estaban is not far behind.

When Teresa, her mother, and Sebastian sailed to the New World, they joined Captain Pedro Menendez to establish a colony in La Florida.
On going ashore, Captain Menendez planted a cross in the soil.  Today a 208 foot stands on the shore of Saint Augistine Florida where the captain claimed the land for the King of Spain and the Catholic Church.

Onyx Owl is in the process of publication with Author's Ink Books

Author's Ink Books

Spanish Waters         Is now an Ebook
Catana's home is bombarded by French cannons.  She lives in what is known today as Pensacola, FL.  The Spanish hold the small fortress and settlement of Santa Maria de Galva, but the French want to take posession.
When the Spanish lose the battle, Catana and her friend Louis are forced to flee to the Caribbean in a stolen Spanish sloop.  They encounter two men shipwrecked on an island who join them.  Sailing to Cuba they find trouble in the ports of Havana and Santiago de Cuba.  They continue to Port Royal where they alinate a British Captain who puts a price on their heads.  To remain on the defensive, Catana and the men of the Seahawk  'go on account' and become pirates.  They must find a way to remain free and claim the land promised to them by Governor Woodes Rogers, a man who has sworn to eradicate piracy in the Caribbean.

Spanish Waters has been accepted by Amirapress and will be available soon as an ebook..


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Cross at Saint Augistine