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Author Barbara Korsness
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Ballad of the Warrior Maiden


I sing the praises of the warrior maiden

Who carried the sword of Thor.

To protect his people from disaster,

She fought as never before.


Silent she rose from the shadows

And stood upon the hill.

Her Valkyrie eyes gleamed

With readiness to do Thor’s will.


In the valley  the enemy waited

To attack those she held dear.

Under the spell of the god of thunder

He had brought her here.


She ruled the storm clouds and the wind

With her sword held high

Thunder crashed all around

And lightning split the sky


Horses bucked, and men fell

Trembling in the glade

Fearful for their lives

They cried out for aid


She spoke out in fearful voice

“Go,” she gave a cry.

“If you do not as I say,

All of you shall die.”


All the warriors turned to run

Into the forest did they flee.

Not a soul remained behind

Not one left did she see.


The maiden stood in awe

Of the powers she had wield

In the eerie silence

She lowered the sword she held


Those she had come to save

From awful tragedy

Would sing her praise in the halls

For all eternity












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