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Author Barbara Korsness
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Historical Research Information

As I was writing Ancient Fire many questions went through my mind.  What if the earth was populated by a superior race before recorded time?  What if the Egyptians learned to build their pyramids from them?  Was the sphinx built by this ancient race?  Are legends based on fact?  If so, was there an Atlantis and what caused its fall?


In gneisses 11:27 it is thought a curtain has fallen on the prologue of the Bible and is risen again about 1900 B.C.  Ancient Fire takes place darning this era.  What was the worship of God like at this time?


Some archeologists believe the underwater ruins off the coast of Bimini could be a part of Atlantis.


A Disney program on TV promoting their movie about Atlantis mentioned that Cuba could be a part of what remains of the lost continent.


According to some studies there may have been a land bridge from Yucatan to South America, and the islands between the two land masses were a part of that land bridge.


There is an island by the name of Andros in both the Bahamas and the Aegean Sea.


An area in the Atlantic Ocean, east of the Bahamas, is known as the Sargasso Sea.  This sea is bound on all sides by currents that calm its waters and rotates slowly clockwise pulling anything adrift into its center.  Often it was a death trap for ancient ships caught in its current.


There is a theory that the great sphinx of Egypt was originally a great lion covered in white limestone.  It faced the constellation of Leo thousands of years ago when the stars were in a different position.

Notes about Bull Dancer


Bull dancing, also known as bull leaping, was a religious ritual performed buy both Minoan men and women on the island of Crete from about 2,000 to 1,400 BC.  The bull dancer would pull herself up by the horns of a charging bull and do a handspring over his back.  The dancer had a companion waiting to steady her when she landed on the ground behind the bull.  Both male and female athletes wore only loincloths when in the arena.


Ubar, Lost City of Arabia, is mentioned in the Koran.  One group of people who lived there, the Adites, date back to one of Noah's sons.  The space shuttle, when taking pictures on the earth with an infrared camera, located the ruins of Ubar under the sand.  More about Ubar is on the web at  They have a transcript of the program they did about the lost city.


The people of Ubar saw the wild humpback animal that made its home in the desert.  At first they thought it was a creature conjured by djins, but later they domesticated the camel


Authos Notes for Crimson Dawn
Ley lines are grids of streight lines that criss-cross the land.  Leys marked ancient trade tracks from 4000-2000 B.C.  but were forgoten.  A scientific group found strange energy readings that start from eight to twenty minutes before sunrise until one or two hours after.  Stonehenge sits atop the intersection of two prominent ley lines.  A high number of supernatural experiances are said to occur on or near ley lines.
An ancient rock was found in a tin mine in Glastonbury England with the name of Jesus written in Aramaic.  The rock is in a museum near there.
Queen Boudicca has been the subject of myth and legend and has been revered as a symbol of British freedom for centuries.  There is a discription of Boudicca's Rebellion written by a Roman by the name of Tacitus.  Archaeological digs show evidence of her battles. 
A bias-relief of two woman gladiators was found carved on a wall in Rome.  Underneath was written the names Achillea and Amazon.
Nero attemped to murder his mother and on the fourth try was sucessful.   Afterwards he felt haunted by her spirit and hired a Persian to conjurer to summon her ghost to beg forgiveness. 
The emperor thought himself a performer of the arts and had a passion for chariot racing.  When Nero attempted to drive in a race he fell from his chariot before reaching the finish line but the judges declared him winner. 
There are stories recorded in history of how Nero would sneak out of the palace at night dressed as a commoner.  He would go to Roman taverns and indulge in drink and women.

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