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Author Barbara Korsness
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Author Bio

After I graduated from high school I spent seven years in the US Navy as an air traffic controller.  My duty stations were Nas Pensacola FL, and Nas Moffett in the San Francisco Bay area in CA.  After leaving the navy I married and my husband and I homesteaded in British Clombia Canada for several years.  On returning to the states we setteled in the Antalope Valley in Southern CA where we raised three children and Peruvian Paso Horses.
I, my husband and two of my children now live in FL.  My oldest son is in the Navy and has worked with a SEAL team.  I am a "lunch lady" at a high school part time and enjoy writing novels when I am not at work.
I have four published novels Ancient Fire and Bull Dancer, Crimson Dawn and Ballad of the Warrior Maiden.  I have also have completed three other novels which I hope will be published in the next few years.

Here are some links to Bull Dancer Research, Crete and Ubar

Bull Leaping

Crete sport

Minoan Civilization

Lost City of Ubar on NOVA

People of Ubar

Ubar and its Frankencense

Favorite music and books

In Europe music groups have mixed metal with classical creating an interesting sound.  Theroin is from Sweden and their music is about legends, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and Mesopotania.  Ther lates CD was about the Nordic Runes.
Rhapsody is from Italy.  Their music deals with Nordic gods, elves,dragons and magic kingdoms.  Both groups use complete orchastras and a choris.  Man o'War has both rousing songs of battle and ballads with beautiful melodys.
Presently I am reading the Wheel of Time series.  It is a fantasy with an intricate plot and quite popular with many people.  It even has several web sites for its fans.