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Author Barbara Korsness
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Welcome to my web site!
I write historical novels that are full of adventure and have a bit of fantasy in them.


Onyx Owl


Teresa uses her wits more than weapons to battle her foe.  Caught in the act of stealing, she joins an old retired Spanish soldier to rescue victims sentenced by the Inquisition to die.  Her partner is the Onyx Owl wanted by both the church and the Spanish authorities. 


Using a web of deceit, she befriends the foe.  She and the Onyx Owl save many unfortunate prisoners from a death by fire.  When their enemy, Estaban, discovers what they are doing, Teresa and the Onyx Owl flee to the New World.  But Estaban is not far behind

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Catherine Rose Kingsley a half- blood Cheyenne who has given up any claim to be a part of the white man’s world. Her mother is Cheyenne and her father is white. She adopts her Cheyenne name Prairie Rose and travels to the Sacred Hills where The Great Spirit grants her a vision, but she does not understand its meaning.

With the white man’s mistreatment of the Sioux and Cheyenne, she becomes involved with defending the people she loves. When the white men start taking the children away from their parents and sending them to schools in the East in order to civilize the “savages,” a medicine man and Catholic missionary interpret Prairie Rose’s vision, and she learns her destiny.


GIVE NO QUARTER. While the French attack the Spanish colony of Santa Maria, Catana and her friend Louis rescue an Indian and black man forced into slave labor.  She and her three companions steal a Spanish sloop and sail south to freedom and to search for Catana’s father.  In Havana they find the Spanish do not take kindly to those who steal ships and slaves.


They flee to Port Royal and learn that the two shipwrecked men the picked up have a price on their heads.  In self defense she and her companions “go on account” and join the brotherhood of the coast.

Ballad of the Warrior Maiden

 A Celtic maiden leads a band of Viking warriors to an unknown land and a lost treasure.


Marked by the sign of Thor, Rianna a young Celtic maiden is drawn into a search for a lost treasure.  With the help of an enchanted sword and Roderick the Raven, she sails with a Viking crew to a mysterious and dangerous land where the natives practice human sacrifice atop a pyramid.

Ancient Fire

Ancient Fire  While on vaction in the Bahamas, Laura is transported back in time and learns that she is in the same location, but the period is sometime between the gteat flood of Noah and the birth of Abraham.  Rayland an old mystic has brought her to Lantos .  He is a member of the Ancient Ones, and has brought her here to help preserve the belief in One True God.
In a land with a tyrent ruler, where human sacrifice is practiced, Laura becomes the prisetess of the moon in order to fulfill her destiny.  Now she must face the dilemma of sacrificing those she had come to help.

Bull Dancer

Bull Dancer  In ancient Crete Kira a bull dancer is injured in the bull ring and returns to her native island of Kallist'e.  To keep a promise to her father she joins her brother as a crewmember on his merchant ship.Traveling to exotic lands she experiances many adventures.  In Babylon Kira and her brother Niko buy a boat and sail to the lost city of Ubar where the purest incense in the known world grows.  It is worth more the gold.  If they are able to establish a trade route to the north Kira will have kept her promise.


Author of Ancient Fire,  Bull Dancer, Crimson Dawn and Ballad of the Warrior Maiden.

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Crimson Dawn

Crimsom Dawn

Taryn , a Celtic woman, joins Queen Boudiccia to drive the Romans from their land.  With sword in hand she fights in a great battle, but the Celts lose. 
While mourning the death of her two brothers, she learns one is still alive.  Brian has been taken to Rome as a slave.  Taryn travels to the imperial city with the merchant Joseph of Arimathea.
In Rome she kills a soldier in self defence, is arrested, and sentenced to fight as a gladiator.  Fighting in the arena she wins her freedom only to face the demented Emperor Nero and has to outwit him to stay alive.  Amid the chaos of the burning of Rome and the slaughter of Christians, Taryn falls in love with a Roman soldier.

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